eHarmony Promotional Code – Save $65 Off – June 2014!

eHarmony promotional code
for the month of June

Here are the latest working codes. In order to use them, simply enter them into the box at the time of checkout and you’ll be well on your way to finding the love of your life!

eharmony promo code 3 month 2014
Use Code: 3MonthPromo
(click the link below to activate)

eharmony promo code 1 month 2014
Use Code: 1MonthPromo
(click the link below to activate)

Sometimes eHarmony runs various promotions on their Registration
page. Be sure to check it out to see if there are any deals.

Save 73% off a 12 month subscription
Use Code: EHCODE1
(click below to activate)

Save 20% off!
Use Code: EHCODE
(click below to activate)

Save off a 6 month subscription
No code required
(click below to activate)

How to Use the Codes

It’s very easy to use the codes. Simply go to eHarmony and take the time to fill out a personality profile. It is a series of yes/no and multiple choice questions that are used to determine your type of personality. Once you are finished, you are shown people (on the eH site) whom you are most compatible with. If you see someone you like, or if you want to browse further matches, then simply hit the “subscribe” button. You will be taken to a page where you enter in your billing information. Look in the corner for a box that says “eHarmony promotional code”. Enter in the code listed above and that’s it! You will have instantly saved money on your monthly subscription.

Here’s a screenshot to show you where to enter the code:

eharmony promo code screenshot

History of eHarmony Codes

eHarmony has been allowing their users to use coupon codes to save money for well over 10 years. Starting back in the year 2001, there were many codes floating around the internet. The most popular coupons were the 3 month code and 1 month code. Then in 2006, they started cracking down on the rampant abuse and initiated a program where each code was specific to a certain channel. For example, if a woman’s magazine had a code (for a specific promotion), the only people who could use that code were those who purchased the magazine. This allowed eHarmony to track which promotions from what channels worked the best. They are always tinkering with their programs, and the end result is a better user experience for both new and existing eHarmony members.

Newest eHarmony coupon Video

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